Episode 6 | Grief: Love is a present tense with Tracy Stone

Abr 25, 2023

Welcome to «Mind Your Mind», the must-listen podcast for all people helping people through their work. In each episode, we explore the importance of self-care and work-life balance for first responders, front line workers and helping professionals with experts from around the world. They share their knowledge and understanding about secondary trauma and burnout prevention helping with life and research lessons useful to ignite positive actions towards developing a personally meaningful strategy to maintain resilience and optimal wellbeing while supporting others suffering.

In this episode, I am talking with Tracy Stone about the recovery and love after the loss of someone we love. How to reconnect with life and how to take care of us in the process of grief are some of the topics we will be exploring, all inspired on her best-selling solo book published in October 2020, ‘Love Remains – A Guide Through Grief’

Tracy Stone is a clinical hypnotherapist, advanced RTT® therapist, executive trainer, transformational coach, international bestselling author, podcast host and inspirational speaker based in Berkshire, UK.

Tracy has spent 30+ years in some of the world’s largest and most prestigious global businesses helping senior management teams maximise their strengths and eliminate major process, engagement and cultural issues. From New York to Sydney, she built a phenomenal reputation as a world-class problem solver and ‘transformation whisperer’. Her many awards are testament to her ability to make concrete and significant changes to the thousands who have joined her much acclaimed workshops, trainings and coaching events.

Tracy has taken those years of experience in identifying the true root cause of problems and uncovering solutions that provide brilliant results and now uses her finely tuned skills to make spectacular and lasting transformational shifts in her client’s personal lives, careers and businesses through her unrivalled courses, coaching, and highly personalised 1:1 or focused group hypnotherapy.

In 2020 and 2021 Tracy became an international best-selling author with the uplifting and inspirational anthology books Ignite Happiness and Ignite Possibilities.

If you are ready to set down the baggage, whatever it may be, and overcome the limitations that hold you back in life… Tracy is ready to help you make it happen.

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