Episode 8 | Self care: working towards social change with Saira Khan

Abr 25, 2023

Welcome to «Mind Your Mind», the must-listen podcast for all people helping people through their work. In each episode, we explore the importance of self-care and work-life balance for first responders, front line workers and helping professionals with experts from around the world. They share their knowledge and understanding about secondary trauma and burnout prevention helping with life and research lessons useful to ignite positive actions towards developing a personally meaningful strategy to maintain resilience and optimal wellbeing while supporting others suffering.

In this episode I am talking with the counselling Psychologist and human rights advocate Saira Khan, to discover a more personal perspective of the implementation of self care strategies and the use of mindfulness to assist professionals on their quest to create meaningful self care strategies that help them to thrive in their careers.

Saira Khan is a HCPC registered counselling psychologist and human rights advocate. Her special interest is in post-traumatic growth and recovery from complex trauma. She is a member of the SHERA research group, the Hague Mothers Project Team and the Domestic Violence/Abuse Working Group within the British Psychological Society. She teaches mindfulness at https://presilienz.com/ and has a private practice, Mendality www.mendality.com, that focuses on trauma-focused therapies.