Episode 11 | Resilience | with Dr. Jonathan Lloyd

Sep 8, 2023

Jonathan has over 20 years knowledge & experience as a therapist.
A psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice in South Manchester (www.calmminds.com) specialising in stress, anxiety, relationships and all what it is to be human. He has a professional doctorate in counselling from the University of Manchester, and is a senior accredited therapist (NCPS).
He is the founder and CEO of Calm Minds Healthcare Ltd (www.calmmindshealthcare.com). Working closely with many large organisations offering bespoke therapeutic support to their staff. A keen advocate of staff wellbeing, appropriate mental health support and promoting compassionate and assertive leadership backed by a good understanding of business with a previous life working as a managing director of a corporate insurance broker for 20 years.
Jonathan is a published author, presenter at international conferences, director of the International Attachment Network (www.ian-attachment.org.uk).