How therapy can help you

In therapy I will be working collaboratively with you to help you talk, think and understand yourself, paying attention to the past, your current circumstances as well as your hopes for the future. This will help you to have a greater awareness and cope better with what you feel, helping you to make positive and meaningful choices as well as change those ideas that no longer fit a purpose in your life. My goal is to support you to find your power and worth as an individual through this reflexive process which will help you understand yourself better, find solutions to your problems while reaching emotional balance and transformation.

What is the first 15 minutes consultation for?

During this consultation we will have a brief conversation over the phone, so you can tell me what is motivating you to seek Psychotherapy in this moment in your life. I will be answering any questions you may have about the process and we will decide if an appointment for the first session is appropriate.

If I am not the right person to work with you at this time, I will endeavour to recommend other options, if possible.

What happens on our first meeting?

During the first session we will explore your needs and think together about working in a long- or short-term therapy, depending on your personal needs, expectations and goals.

The first session together is the moment to initiate the process for you to get settled in your therapeutic space. We will focus on what you need and together we will come up with a plan that suits you, considering your needs, goals and expectations.

Some people want to focus on a particular topic to start with or want to talk about a particular event in their life or simply want to gain greater self-awareness, whatever the reason you are coming to therapy, this will be the moment to decide if you prefer long-term, open-ended therapy or short-term therapy.

We will also choose the time and days for our meetings. Most people benefit from attending therapy weekly.

My approach to therapy

I am member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and an accredited member of the

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), I work under their ethical code of practice.

I offer an Integrative and Holistic therapeutic approach incorporating a broad range of theories and modalities including: Psychodynamic; Cognitive Post rational, Constructivist, Person-Centred, Systemic and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT). I work focusing on each client’s individual needs and personal goals.

My practice is informed by the attachment theory, understanding trauma, feminism, multiculturalism and multilingualism.

I work in Spanish or English and offer online or in-person therapy sessions.

Issues which often arise in therapy:

I work with a broad range of topics or issues including: Affective and Relational difficulties,

life transitions, sense of Self, mood swings, overwhelming emotions, anxiety, sexual violence, domestic violence, abuse, difficult memories or life experiences and traumatic experiences, PTSD, Complex PTSD, Depression, Low mood, self-esteem and confidence problems, loss, Bereavement, Hopelessness, Sleep problems, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Stress and worry, family history, IVF process, fertility issues.


You don’t need to have any particular diagnosis to attend psychotherapy with me; we will work based on your personal experience and any diagnosis you may have been given in order to help you reach your inner balance in life.