Episode 23 | The human carer with Laura Love – Petschl

Jan 10, 2024

In this episode my guest Laura Love – Petschl shares with us a candid story of how she got into coaching and uses her experience to first find her purpose and develop her business Between Humans. We extensively reflect about how to humanize ourselves in our professional caring roles.

Laura is a grassroots and community leadership coach and the founder of Between Humans, a social enterprise which is repurposing coaching as a social justice practice.

Laura partners with people who are trying to make a difference in their communities and in the world. She believes that leaders’ lived experience, passion and values are their greatest assets in creating social change, and that burnout is not inevitable. Through bespoke, accessible and affordable coaching and workshops, she supports leaders’ professional, personal and organisational growth; helping to build their capacity to create positive, sustainable social change in their communities whilst taking care of their own wellbeing as human beings.

Laura brings multifaceted, intersectional and systemic lenses to the challenges of grassroots and community leadership and social change. In this, she draws on her years of frontline work and project management in charities and social enterprises, her business start-up experience, her professional coach training, and her academic background in gender studies.