Episode 5: Why do we work in tandem? with Christian Herreman

Mar 16, 2023

Episode Description

Christian Herreman is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst interested in the evolution of human cooperation.

Christian started his clinical practice as a psychoanalyst in Mexico City, where he also worked with people with complex needs (street children and their families). He got very interested in how to better overcome complex trauma and re-establish more secure and collaborative relationships. Attachment theory enabled him to bridge the environmental with the motivational, the situational with the belief systems of both those helping and those helped. The Triple Stance Framework (TSF) was developed in collaboration with Pro Ninos de la Calle in 2008, to prevent Burnout Syndrome in front line workers. Through more horizontal relationships between partners, where autonomy and security are simultaneously valued and promoted, we can better meet the patient where he is without compromising safety. In this way, the TSF integrates current notions of evolutionary psychology (Theory of Mind), social psychology (Forms of cooperation) and attachment theory (Emotional regulation) into a relational model of the mind that allows teams to better plan and supervise ongoing psychosocial interventions.

The TSF Book was published in 2015. Christian has written several book chapters and edited, with Sonia Gojman de Millan and Alan Sroufe “Attachment across Clinical and Cultural Perspectives. A Relational Psychoanalytic Approach” in 2016.

Today, Christian combines my private practice as a psychoanalyst with psychosocial interventions in France, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico, with a fusion of the TSF with Video Intervention Therapy.