Episode 7 | Interoception: Learning to listen our body with Belen

Apr 25, 2023

Belen is a Somatic Trauma Therapist, Transpersonal Therapist, Transpersonal Facilitator of Women’s Circles specialise in Trauma, Yoga Therapy for PTSD, Yoga and Meditation teacher accredited as a Senior Teacher & Trainer by the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK as well and E-RYT by the Yoga Alliance.

She is the creator of Belu Wellbeing ( https://www.beluwellbeing.com) and since 2010 she has been working with vulnerable women within diverse communities in the UK and Argentina. Since the pandemic she is working online with women internationally.

She created her own online school where she provides teacher training, workshops, masterclasses and more to people around the world . She shares different tools added to her experience on how to connect with our body in a compassionate way and how to activate our own tools for self-regulation.

Somatic practice and yoga techniques are use as healing tools to enter the body and thus heal those wounds that have been anchored in the physical and mental body. Mindful and somatic movements, somatic breaths, trauma-informed meditations, and more are some of the tools used in 1:1 or group practices.

She started yoga because she found a way to heal herself. Today she is still walking in this path of healing being more aware of her own body, her own feelings and sensations. She lives with PTSD but she learnt how to regulate herself. She is still trying every day.

For her every day is her opportunity to heal. Everyday is the opportunity to help others.

She currently works in non-profit organizations bringing somatic trauma therapy as well teaching in yoga studios in London and online group classes, mentoring, workshops, specializations (Restorative Yoga, Somatic Trauma Informed Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation) and HathaYoga Teacher Trainings in Europe and Latin America.