Episode 10 | Connect with nature: Let the magic happen.

May 22, 2023

On this Episode we are talking with Caroline Evans to get to know and understand the amazing contributions that nature can do for wellbeing, nourishing and balancing our body, mind and soul.

Caroline Evans ND MH, Herbalist, Naturopath and Nutrition Consultant, she set up Heaven on Earth Herbals, a herbal health business encompassing consultations, education, herbal dispensary and herbal products. 

Caroline works with potent herbal products to assist her patients to achieve optimum health and awareness both physically and mentally. Her work with clients has proved to her how unique we are and how important it is to work with people individually to obtain optimum health.

Caroline chose to do this by setting about growing over 20,000 herbs in a small village in the Mediterranean to learn about the herbs and how they interacted with their environment. With her new herbal practical knowledge, she went about training as a professional herbalist and travelled to London, where she put all her learned knowledge directly into practice at the herb garden.Caroline understands the herb not just from a chemical constituent basis but from directly interacting with its plant spirit, spending time growing the herbs and medicine making.